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Embrace Inspiration to Create with Authenticity

In the realm of creativity, the quest for originality often looms large, often casting doubts on the authenticity of our work.  My creative endeavors, whether in the professional sphere of product design, UX/UI or the personal realm of photography, digital… Continue Reading →

Startup Fears and Anxiety – How I cope

This week I’d like to address the topic of fear and anxiety – something every entrepreneur will likely deal with. I am no expert, but as an entrepreneur I have spent my share of time reflecting on my fears. These… Continue Reading →

The inspiration to walk down a different path

A couple of weeks ago I walked away from a well-paying, mostly enjoyable job. My immediate goal is to channel my energies into a business idea that I have been refining. Beyond that the change was motivated heavily by the… Continue Reading →

Photographing backyard dandelions

I have this fascination for Dandelions. To me they are just so pretty…such an elegant marriage of form and function…dozens of delicate seed bearing “parachutes” arranged so symmetrically, just perfectly in a sphere, all designed to help propagate nature. Dandelions… Continue Reading →

A cup of bokeh

While glancing thru a photo equipment catalog, a really colorful image of a cup “bubbling” with bokeh caught my eye. The image’s color and composition just spoke to me. I resolved to make a similar image some day. Turns out that… Continue Reading →

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